Prepared 2013-04-04 using from Swedish and Polish CV
Bogdan Bereza

Skills and experience
Education: psychology (University of Warsaw), computer science (University of Lund, Sweden), the psychology of organizations (graduate, University of London).
Programming (COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, Lisp, C, C + +, Java, JavaScript, various assemblers)
Design: JSP, UML, OOD, state diagrams
Testing HW (planning, management, development, configuration, and performance), testing PCB, the use of an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, pattern generator, and ICE, writing test programs for ASIC development in Verilog, the use of other electronic measuring instruments, using GPIB , LabView.
Testing: construction of test environments, test execution, test analysis (design of test cases and scenarios, writing test specifications), implementation of testing (writing test procedures for manual testing and test program development for automated testing), performance testing, test management.
Management and monitoring: configuration management and versioning (ClearCase, CVS), trouble report management (ClearQuest, bespoke local tools, Bugzilla), project management, testing, project management, process management, quality management.
        Tests for analog radio base mobile
        Tests bases for GSM radio
        System integration testing and VoIP
        Tests mobile "smartphone" first generation
        Mobile testing platform JVN
        Bluetooth Testing
        Automating testing of mobile phones and mobile phone systems
        Acceptance testing of GSM mobile phones
        Tests games (local applications) and other applications (including SOA) for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android;
Training: providing training in software testing, requirements engineering, software engineering. Creating new training (including accredited) training department, to conduct their own training activities.
Conceptual work: participation in conferences, author of books and articles on testing and quality assurance.
Training, certification
Training in programming languages, operating systems, microprocessors architecture.
DO-178 B (aircraft standard)
Different training in telecommunications, GSM, PBX architecture.
SQA courses support tools (DOORS, IBM Rational ClearQuest, IBM Rational RequisitePro, HP [the Mercury] WinRunner [QuickTest] Xrunner [QuickTest], LoadRunner, TestDirector, Parasoft (a set of tools - static tests, unit, embedded systems)
TickIT auditor course
Providing training for 7IEEE CSDP certification
ISEB Certifications CTFL, CTFL ISTQB, ISEB Practitioner, ISTQB CTAL (all - Test Manager, Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst)
Certificates REQB Foundation, IREB CPRE Foundation, IREB CPRE Advanced Elicitation and Consolidation.
Work Experience
Since 2004: own business, training and consultancy
        2011-2012 & Mobile Fun - test automation platforms iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android
        Symbio 2010-2011 (Sweden) - co-operation with the test execution at Scania (Sweden)
        Inceptive 2009-2010 (Sweden) - co-operation in the implementation of orders and training in Sweden
        TPSA 2008-2009 - implementation of a new fast-track method for testing telecommunications software
        2008 infeurope (Spain, Luxembourg) cycle training
        2006-2008 Siemens - training and consultancy for testing various types of telecommunications software
        Tieto 2006-2008 (Poland, Czech Republic) - training and consulting in the test project
        2007-2012 Parasoft co-operation with the tools for embedded systems
        2007: Motorola, a training of software testing
        TPSA 2006-2007: implementation of testing methodologies for testing the newly created department
        2006 Teleca - advice and training
        2004 Prokom - training in software testing
        2004-2012 Training (including open) and short (a few weeks) order for many companies (full list:
        Organization and participation as a speaker at many national and international conferences on software quality and testing
        Publication dozens of articles on software quality and testing
        The publication of two books on quality assurance and software testing
        Enea Realtime 1994-2003 (Swedish consulting company):
        2001-2003 Adtranz (head of system tests of the prototype of the European Rail Traffic Management System)
        2001 Ericsson - analysis of compliance procedures of the military draft standard DO-178B
        Rikspolisstyrelsen 1999-2001 (Swedish police command office) - Head of the acceptance tests of the central criminal record and central registry of suspected
        1998-1999 joint project Enea Realtime and Ericsson Radio Systems (JVM platform test manager [Java Virtual Machine] on the OSE [real-time operating system, Enea, the proposed use of the smart phone terminals])
        Ericsson Radio Systems 1997-1998 (coordinator of tests - tests and system integration for VoIP)
        1996-1997 Ericsson Mobile Systems (System testing smart mobile phone - automation, test environment)
        1996 Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland (testing protocols and FR HR encoding cards GSM radio base)
        1995-1996 contract, Ericsson Radio Systems (testing protocols and FR HR encoding cards GSM radio base)
        Ericsson commissioned in 1994-1995 Access (test environment for testing analog radio base mobile)
        1990-1994 programmer, tester, test manager, designer, system administrator (Ellemtel, Stockholm - AXE telecommunications design, protocol ATM)
1989-1990 programmer, administrator and tester ESSnet (lottery systems, lottery terminals, Stockholm)
1988-1989 programmer and tester at Philips Business Systems Financial (banking systems, Stockholm)
1987-1988 programming teacher at the University of Lund
1985-1987 operator of a computer-controlled laser printer (Datafilm, Lund, Sweden)
1984-1986 construction work and other odd jobs (Sweden, Lund)
1978-1983 guide casual work groups, and unskilled workers (Poland)


Polish (fluent)
English (fluent)
Swedish (fluent)
German (able to communicate, read the documentation)
Russian (ability to communicate, read the documentation)
Bogdans Berezas CV 1964 - 2003