tick Why I look for new challenges:

I run my own company. As a result of it, I spend 50% of my time on marketing, HR, sales and accounting, which is interesting, but not directly connected to what interests me most, which is:
  • QA (especially SQA), IT, PM and testing.
Therefore, I am open to the following types of jobs / assignments:
  • Management, Project Management, Process Improvement, Method Research, Senior Technical Specialist, Training Instructor, Training Course Designer
in the following areas:
  • Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Requirements Management, Project Management, General Quality Assurance.
Part-time employment, subcontracting and freelancing are all possible for me.

I am fluent in English, Swedish and Polish (and can achieve working command of Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Slovak, Czech and Russian within a few months).


+48-507 545 747
Alternative e-mail: bogdan.f.bereza(at)
Skype: bogdan.f.bereza

Best regards, Bogdan
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